All human beings are forever, in some manner, on a search for freedom. To most, it is an elusive striving after the wind. Very few fortunate ones ever taste what real freedom is. Most people are inhibited by hurtful or painful trauma or abuse that often creates a wall between their self and true freedom. As long as there is an ongoing consequence from their trauma or abuse there will be a tension that needs to be resolved. The tension between a person’s trauma and abuse and their desire for freedom is what the Human Freedom Project seeks to address. It is a holistic approach that incorporates the totality of the person in their search for freedom from long-term hurt and pain and trauma and abuse. The mind, the will, the emotions, the body and the human spirit are all involved as this project seeks to free each part of the person to be free to be all that God intended them to be. The Human Freedom Project is the most thorough and comprehensive method to systematically and exhaustively bring freedom to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, and release of the oppressed.