1. Who is the Human Freedom Project designed to help?

Since everyone has strongholds attached to them, the answer is everyone.  However, it will only help those who truly want help.  It is for the serious person who wants as much freedom as this earth affords.  It is not designed for the casual inquirer.


2. Is there any demonic deliverance that is too difficult?

With God, nothing is impossible.  With myself, it is all too difficult.  I, with God’s help, however, have delivered 10 year old children to 75 year old persons.  I have delivered simple strongholds to the very complex systems on occult and Satanic Coven participants.


3. Must one be able to hear the voice of God for this method to work for them?

It is not necessary if the person who is praying with you can.  It is ideal if both participants can hear in order to verify what the other has heard.


4. Is it necessary to feel the presence of evil spirits to know that they are there?

As long as there is one person who can hear the voice of God, even though they don’t feel anything, they can ask the Lord if there are any strongholds.  God really wants us to be free so He will help us to hear what is on us.


5. Must a person need to see a vision of anything that is being prayed on them?

The answer is “no.”  While it is helpful if the person can see what is being prayed over them, it is not absolutely necessary.  The key element in this method is being able to hear the voice of God.


6. Is the voice of God audible?

Neither I, nor anyone I have worked with, have heard the audible voice of God.  Then how does He speak to us, you might say?  He speaks in His still, small voice in our thoughts.  He teaches us, as we practice patiently and listen, how to feel or sense what He is saying.


7. Must a person be a prayer warrior, one who is constantly interceding for others, to begin the Human Freedom Project?

While it is helpful to be acquainted with God, and being intimate with Him, it is not a prerequisite to being delivered.  This method teaches a person how to pray, when to pray, what to pray, who to pray for or against, where to pray, and why to pray.  It is a method that, if you dive into it with all your heart and soul and mind you will truly find what you are looking for.  New Christians are welcome.


8. Is there any danger, to the person being prayed for, from the spirits connected to the curses and strongholds?

There is always danger when a person attempts to remove spirits that have been entrenched in that person for years and, perhaps for centuries in their families.  The spirits have had a very comfortable home and never want to give it up.  They will put up a fight but this method is designed to remove the easiest curses and strongholds first, then the next easiest, up to the strongest.  When this is adhered to I have not seen any danger to the person occur.


9. Can all Christians hear the voice of God?

The answer is technically, “yes.”  In actuality, the answer is, “no.”  The Bible tells us that Jesus, speaking to His disciples before He was arrested, told them that “my sheep hear My voice.”  If that statement is true, then all Christians should be able to hear Him.  Christians do not hear for several reasons.  They don’t listen.  They don’t believe that they can hear.  They are so laden with spirits that they interfere.  They don’t have faith.  These are just some of the reasons.


10. What is needed for a person to benefit most from this method?

To be a Christian is most important.  To want to be free from strongholds is second.  To have an intense desire to change and be all God wants you to be.


11. How long does the project take until completion?

There are so many variables that it is different for every person.  For example, the gamut runs from a few hours, which is uncommon, to two and a half years.  The age of a person matters.  The younger the person the less chance of major strongholds.   Sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual, social and Satanic abuse all factor in to longer periods of deliverance.  The various issues of gender play a role in the length of the process.  Females tend to be abused more often.  Negative family background issues add to the duration of the deliverance.  A persons calling can mean more intense Satanic attack.  The closer one is to God the stronger the intensity of attack becomes.

The average person has anywhere from 30 to 50 strongholds on they and their parts.

50 strongholds will take approximately 25 hours to complete.


12. Will this method bring total healing?

As long as we live and breath on this earth we are subject to strongholds and Satan’s attack.  This process is a means to the end.  It is a part of the maturation process called sanctification.  While it is a major part of the healing process there is still growth that needs to happen until the day we die.  Total healing happens in heaven.


13. What will change within me as I work this method of deliverance?

The Bible tells us that we will change into the likeness of God.  You will be more like Christ as you are cleaned from within by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Your mind will be more on the things of God rather than the things of this world.  Your choices will be more in line with the choices that God would want you to make.  Your emotions will be more receptive to the work of the Holy Spirit.  Your body will be at peace and some previous maladies and sicknesses will not affect you anymore.  Spiritually, God will become more real and intimate than He has ever been to you before.  Each of these five things vary from one person to another but there is significant change in each person.


14. When the strongholds are gone am I free from demonic attack forever?

No.  An emphatic, no!  When the process is complete there are no connections on the inside of you anymore.  Satan can, and will, attack you from the outside.  I say it this way: before deliverance you are attacked from the inside out, after it is from the outside trying to get in.  Satan loves to steal, kill and destroy and he will not stop until he is taken out altogether.  Until that time “he goes around like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour.”  He is relentless and will try to return so we all must be vigilant and alert and be aware of his plans.  Being attacked from the inside is many times worse that being attacked from the outside.  Trust me on this one.


15. How do the strongholds impact my Christian life?

The strongholds are used by Satan to thwart the plan of God in you.  The strongholds also tend to thwart the usage of your spiritual gifts.  Once they are removed, God’s plan will be more easily realized and the gifts that God has given you to reach that plan will be abundantly more in power, within you, and towards others.


16. Will this save my marriage?

Can this method of deliverance save your marriage?  Yes.  The chances of it saving your marriage increase exponentially as both marriage partners have their strongholds removed.  I have seen marriages change for the better when just one of the partners do the deliverance.  However, there is more to saving a marriage than just doing deliverance.  One must also be willing to change.  Once the strongholds are removed that is often the case.  This is not a quick fix.  This is a long term commitment to freedom in all areas of life.


17. Should I be afraid of the process of deliverance?

God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind.  If God is for us who can be against us.  Satan has been defeated for the long haul, but in the short haul he has reign over the earth if we let him.  If we are afraid we give him more access to us than he deserves.  When we have the confidence that God gives us we can stand up to anything that he will try.  Often, because of our fear, we make Satan ten feet tall when he is really quite puny.  Christians give Satan far too much power and, incidentally, it is often the power that he has stolen, killed and destroyed for.  Satan is a wimp when confronted by God’s power and that is what this deliverance method is all about.